Abandoned Plane Bali – Where To Find It + More

Abandoned Plane Bali – Where To Find It + More

After spotting a few snaps on Instagram, and always curious to discover random abandoned things, we headed down to Kuta to explore the abandoned plane Bali. We’ve put a simple blog together to tell you how to find it, why it’s there and if you should visit.

How To Find The Abandoned Plane Bali

We had so many DM’s after we posted our birds eye view of our abandoned plane Bali shot.

Located just up from Pandawa Beach down in the Bukit Peninsula, the easiest way to give directions is to type ‘Abandoned Aircraft Bali’ into google and it will bring up something like this…


View from viewpoint – FREE

Can you pay to enter? – NO

About The Abandoned Plane Bali

So off we ventured on our scooters from Canggu to explore a few of the top tourist spots in the south of Bali.

First stop was the infamous abandoned aeroplane! Nobody knows the true story of why it appeared in a field in South Bali although a lot of rumours say it was bought in pieces by a western owner and built there to be turned into a fully functioning restaurant.

Although when the planning permission or lack of funding (we’re not sure which it was) put an end to the project, it now sits as a damn cool spot to take a photo of.

The restaurant story would make sense and explain the many containers surrounding it – maybe they were full of kitchen equipment and tables/chairs.

Wanderers & Warriors - Abandoned Plane Bali – Where To Find It + More - Things to do in Uluwatu

Birds eye view of the abandoned plane in Bali

The grounds themselves are not accessible and are guarded by locals during the day.

What is accessible though is an awesome viewpoint just off the side of the main road. You’ll spot the containers and possibly some locals selling snacks and drinks and you’ll know you’ve found the spot.

Just a short walk up the hill brings you out at a fenced off point great for photographers as a lookout over the crazily random abandoned plane Bali.

We hopped the fence the day we visited to get the shot for Instagram, although we wouldn’t recommend it. The cliff top is very steep and it’s a sheer drop to the grounds below!

Wanderers & Warriors - Charlie & Lauren UK Travel Couple - Abandoned Plane Bali – Where To Find It + More - Things to do in Uluwatu

Our Instagram shot that went viral


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Wanderers & Warriors Pinterest - Charlie & Lauren UK Travel Couple - Abandoned Plane Bali – Where To Find It + More - Things to do in Uluwatu

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