Authentic Happiness – Collect Experiences Not Things

Authentic Happiness – Collect Experiences Not Things

‘Own less, live more.’ – People search for authentic happiness through many a thing nowadays, although sometimes sadly miss the happiness that’s sitting right in front of them. Our advice – collect experiences not things!

Authentic Happiness – Collect Experiences Not Things

It’s funny talking to people that haven’t travelled. A lot of them don’t seem to understand the concept of having nothing. The freedom of not aiming towards material things or what society drills into you as ‘successful’ but aiming towards what you actually want from life.

You see, everybody measures success differently. Some chase money, big houses, cars but the reason behind every one of these short term successes is to ultimately bring ‘happiness’.

For us chasing success and material things will never make us happy. There will always be something bigger, something better and that’s why we feel that as travellers we are different!

Wanderers & Warriors - Charlie & Lauren UK Travel Couple - Authentic Happiness Collect Experiences Not Things

Lauren proving that some of the unfortunate people the world are the happiest

We are content with the little things, the nature, the cultures, the foreign foods. We are simply out to see the world.

It doesn’t matter whether we have money in the bank or pennies in our hand. Our aim is to educate ourselves on the world we live in and THAT alone will make us rich.

One of our favourite quotes reads ‘If you chase success, you will always lose.’ And in this 21st century, social media run world it’s never been truer. There is no true measure to ‘success’! And when you finally get that car, they will bring out a newer, faster, more expensive model. So stop comparing yourselves to others and chasing what you THINK will bring happiness, and ask yourself what you really want from life?

These cars, houses and bank accounts will not go to our graves with us…but memories will. We should all be able to look back and say ‘man we had a hell of a time’. So now is our chance to make that happen.

You do you. Go out and do what truly makes you happy. Don’t get caught up with your day to day life and overlook your dreams. Because once you find TRUE happiness with nothing, your life will become a lot more simple.

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