Our Top Things To Do In Siargao

Our Top Things To Do In Siargao

So right from the runway, here comes everything you need to know for the top things to do and an easy stay in Siargao. From the surf to the places to eat we cover the tropical island to the max…

By that we mean, literally as soon as you get off the plane…whatever you do, don’t pay for the van when you exit the airport.

The locals will charge 300 Pesos per person for a mini van to General Luna (the main place tourists tend to stay) but you can just walk outside the gates a little and all the tricycle men will wave you down to hop in their ride for 150 per person.

Getting Around Siargao

Once you make it to General Luna, the first thing we strongly advise is to rent a scooter. We found bikes for 300 Pesos per bike, per day. You’d be super tired if you attempted any of it by foot plus paying for tricycles to every destination will break the bank.

We certainly recommend a MINIMUM of 4 days on the beautiful island – there’s heaps to do and you’ll definitely want to explore…

Cloud Nine – Surf Central

If you’re into surfing or just chilling out, Cloud 9 surf tower or its main street is the place to be. Swamped with cool restaurants (vegan and non-vegan) and some unique local clothing brands you’ll definitely be able to spend a day or two here.

Wanderers & Warriors - Charlie & Lauren at Cloud 9, Siargao, Philippines

Magpupungko Rock Pools

A famous insta-spot, these luminous blue rock pools are an awesome choice to jump in. Check the tidal schedule and make sure you head at low tide (for us it was between 2.30-3.30pm) for some awesome backflip opportunities and crazy coloured water.

Wanderers & Warriors - Charlie & Lauren at Magpupungko Rock Pools, Siargao, Philippines

Sugba Lagoon

Another massive photo opportunity is Sugba Lagoon and one of the Philippines major tourist attractions. You may have seen the photos of the random diving board into the ocean on fliers…well this is it!

Island Hopping – Naked Island, Daku Island & Guyam Island

Firstly, don’t get ripped off by a tour company – they will try to charge up to 3500 for a boat.

You can head down to where the boats leave (opposite Curry Pot) and negotiate with the drivers, or book directly through Jing’s Place like we did – we paid 1500 Pesos for a boat that seated up to 8 people. (There were 6 of us so it cost a total of 250 per person). Bargain!

It’s an all day thing and doesn’t include lunch, so grab something local to take with you and plenty of water!

There is a small fee for two of the islands… Naked Island – free, Daku Island – 100 Pesos per boat and Guam Island 20 Pesos per person.

Wanderers & Warriors - Charlie & Lauren at Naked, Daku & Guyam Island, Siargao, Philippines

Saturday Beach Clean Up – Pacifico Beach

So this happened by chance but something we can definitely pass onto you guys.

We were travelling with some friends and a lady from @thesuncrew DM’d us asking if we all wanted to head up to Wemar’s Surf Shop and take part in their weekly beach clean up.

It’s something they do to encourage the younger generation to look after their surf beach and turned out to be an amazing experience. With over 45 kids turning up, they took us down to help clear the plastic and rubbish from the sand before heading out on the boards and teaching us how to surf! You can check the vlog here.

If you get the chance and are in Siargao on a Saturday we highly recommend heading up north and hitting the taco shop afterwards to refuel!

Wanderers & Warriors - Charlie & Lauren at Pacifico Beach, Siargao, Philippines

The Man Made Forest

This is not usually a common recommendation of ‘things to see’ in Siargao but if you are heading up North…make sure to head through the man made forest on the way back down. It really is beautiful and we were super pleased we drove through it by chance.

Where To Stay

Jing’s Place – A great location and only 350 Pesos per person, per night in a bamboo hut dorm.

You can also check out the prices of other places to stay in Siargao here.

Where To Eat

Ronaldo’s – For cheap local food this place can’t be beaten, we must have eaten 10 veg curries in 4 days between us.

Kermit Surf Resort – Possibly the most popular hang out on the island, it has everything from accomodation to a restaurant, surf shop, tours and even a little outdoor gym area. We didn’t stay here but the breakfast is to die for at only 250 Pesos per person!

Aventino’s Pizza – We usually steer clear of the pizza parlours just because they are either awful or they come with European prices, although this one was an exception. At around 135 Pesos per pizza Aventino’s was both cheap and delicious.

For more things to do in the Philippines or which islands to visit make sure to check out our break down – The Best Of The Philippines – A Route & Trip Guide

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