The Best Pagodas To Visit In Bagan – Including Sunrise & Sunset

The Best Pagodas To Visit In Bagan – Including Sunrise & Sunset

If you’re visiting Myanmar then capturing that iconic photo from Bagan is going to be top of your ‘Things To Do’ list. So with over 2,200 temples to choose from, we’re going to help you narrow down your choices of which pagoda to visit in Bagan…

Let’s face it, nearly everyone’s seen the screensaver photos of hot air balloons taking off over the temples of Bagan. So if you have the opportunity to visit, you’re not going to want to miss it. With tourists flocking to the ancient city by the hundreds, here are a few of our personal favourite pagodas to hang out at…

Which Pagodas To Visit In Bagan?

Buledi – For Sunrise & Sunset

If it’s sunrise or sunset you’re looking for then Buledi is the main place people head to. It’s not far from the main road and gives you the perfect 360 view of balloons. Just be sure to get there early to grab a decent spot.

Wanderers & Warriors - Charlie & Lauren at Pagoda Bagan, Myanmar

Shwegugyi – The Best Views

Take a trip up this beauty in the day time and you’ll get your perfect temple photo opportunity. There are a few others within the same grounds but Shwegugyi overlooks them all.

Wanderers & Warriors - Charlie & Lauren at Pagoda Bagan, Myanmar

Sulamani – Cool Chill Spot

For some reason unexplained we just fell in love with Sulamani. The grassy surroundings makes for a perfect place to hang out with friends in the evenings.

Wanderers & Warriors - Charlie & Lauren at Pagoda Bagan, Myanmar

Other popular pagodas include Ananda and Shwesandaw, which was closed for renovation when we visited. Although with over 2,200 to choose from we recommend renting a bike and exploring for yourself, after all ‘bikes in Bagan’ is the thing to do.


The entry fee to the whole Bagan archaeological zone is 25,000 Kyat per person and grants access to every pagoda within the area.

Getting Around

You’ll hear it from everyone and it’s definitely worth renting them…E-Bikes! They are basically electric mopeds that max out at 40 km/h and will save your legs a lot of hard work (as we found when renting bicycles the first day).

They can be found at most places around town for 8000 Kyat for a full day, 4000 Kyat for a half day or if you only want them for sunrise then 1000 Kyat per hour. Although you will definitely want a full day!

Wanderers & Warriors - Charlie & Lauren at Pagoda Bagan, Myanmar

Where To Stay

Nyaung-U – We recommend Nyaung-U as it was significantly cheaper than Old or New Bagan. one straight road from our hostel lead to all the temple entrances. There are also plenty of restaurants and souvenir shops to scout around in in the evening.

You can check out the prices of all the places to stay in Bagan here.

Where To Eat

Taw Win Restaurant – We couldn’t finish the blog without giving a shoutout to our favourite eatery in Bagan. The waitresses could not have been more enthusiastic. They were happy to switch up things on the menu and serve a delicious variety of Burmese/Western food.

For more things to do in Myanmar and which route to take, make sure to check out our break down – The Best Of Myanmar – A Route & Trip Guide

This trip was sponsored by Myanmar Tourism

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