What Equipment Do We Use? – Travel & Take Photos Like Us

What Equipment Do We Use? – Travel & Take Photos Like Us

We get messages everyday asking how we take our photos?, which camera do we use? and what would we recommend you guys to buy? So we’ve put together a list of our personal equipment that we carry around the world with us…

Want To Travel And Take Photos Like Us?

Here are the top items of equipment we use to capture our shots on the road…

Camera + Accessories – Nikon D3300

We love our little Nikon! It’s light, easy to use and the perfect camera to explore the world with. We use a standard 18-55mm kit lens for most of our shots…

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Also, you’re going to definitely want a Spare Battery, a Camera Carry Bag and a high capacity SanDisk Extreme SD Card.

Tripod – Polaroid 72-inch Deluxe Tripod

This guy is literally our baby! God knows how many times a week we get asked how we take all of our couple shots. Well, here is your answer. If you’re going to do it, do it properly! This things has come with us through sand, sea and every kind of terrain you can think of…

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Go Pro – GoPro HERO4 Black

This is our underwater / waterproof handyman. If ever we need a shot that’s too risky or impossible for our Nikon to capture, we turn to the Go Pro. There are more up to date versions available such as the GoPro HERO6 Black although this one does us just fine and managed to nail Lauren’s favourite ever photograph – her selfie with the turtle!…

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Again, don’t forget the crucial accessories: Carry Case, FloatieSpare BatteryCharger etc.

Laptop & Editing Software – Macbook Air + Lightroom 

Not only do we do all of our editing and work on our Mac but it’s the root of everything we own. If you’re serious about working online or working whilst travelling you’re going to need to carry your computer with you. We’ve met too many people on the road that regret not taking their Mac with them. As for editing our photos, I guess we’ll have to put together a tutorial real soon full of all our Lightroom tips and tricks…

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Mobile Device – iPhone

Now where would be without our trusty iPhone. This thing has basically built us a job with it’s apps and software! Right now especially with Instagram, this piece of metal is our most needed item of equipment on the road. How else would we connect with all you beautiful people!…

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Power Bank – Anker Power Bank

A travellers essential. In this digital world we need our electronics wherever we go and there aren’t always plug sockets in the places we explore! This back up power source has saved our asses on many occasions and helped us plan and navigate our way around the globe…

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External Hard Drive – La Cie Rugged Mini USB 3.0 / USB 2.0 Portable Hard Drive

Our little piece of gold dust! We back up everything we own on this just incase our Macbook ever dies on us, our iCloud magically disappears or our equipment unluckily breaks all at once. There’s no safer way to store your media than the old fashioned way…

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For a complete list of what to pack when travelling, check out Things To Take Travelling – A What To Pack Checklist

If you have any other travel equipment questions please leave them in the comments and we’ll get back to you asap…

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  1. Freeoversea
    February 7, 2018 / 12:38 pm

    The tripod is definitely a must have, our best friend 😛
    Keep the journey amazing, you are a true inspiration. Hope to meet you on the road

    Sending love and positivity,

    Patricia & Miguel

    • Wanderers & Warriors
      February 11, 2018 / 6:44 pm

      Haha good old tripod! Aww thanks so much guys. Definitely hit us up if we’re ever in the same area! 🙂

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