Boat Life – Living On A Narrowboat In 2017

So although our life is based around travel, this summer we took a trip home to our roots in the UK. It wasn’t until we were sat on our floating home that we realised it was perfect for a new blog post, so here it goes…

Most people dream of the day they finally get the keys to their first home. For us, ours came with a tiller and an anchor!

We often get asked what it’s like to live on the water so decided to write a blog post to enlighten you on our alternative way of living…

Sometimes in life you get so used to something special that it becomes the norm and we forget how interesting our life may seem to people looking in. So without further ado we introduce to you our beloved boat ‘Bermondsey Boy’.


Our preferred way of life in the UK comes in the form of an 18 ton steel barge or as we call it in England a canal boat. It’s 7ft wide, 60ft long and strips our lifestyle down to the bare necessities. With limited hot water, internet and electricity, being lazy is not an option so we’re always thinking ahead in order to live easy and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Of course there’s been the odd time where we’ve forgotten to pre-heat the water for a shower or used too many appliances at once and blown the electricity but it’s never been the end of the world. We’ve since nailed the ‘simple life’ and have in return been rewarded with one of the cosiest, most unique ways of living in the 21st century. Our little home is moveable so ultimately we are free, and I mean come on, how many people do you know that live in a floating tin?!


Waking up at sunrise to the birds singing is pure tranquility and takes you to a place where most modern day properties lose their sense of living. When friends visit they often say it’s like a permanent holiday and it makes you appreciate the little things in life. Our only concerns are topping up the water tank every few days or finding wood to put on the fire at night time. Oh and not to forget emptying our toilet manually when it’s full. (it doesn’t matter if you’re in a rush, if the toilet’s full you just can’t flush).

This summer most of our days have consisted of sunbathing on the roof, cruising down the river or ATTEMPTING to catch fish. Now as we prepare ourselves to head back out and carry on exploring we will definitely miss our little escape from the ordinary and the first place we’ve been able to call home.


So, who would have known that with one half of us being born on a boat in ’91, the boat life would return 26 years later. But the one thing we do know is we’d rather have a mooring than a mortgage!

Do you live in an alternative way? Leave a comment below and share your story or let us know what you think of our narrowboat lifestyle…

2 thoughts on “Boat Life – Living On A Narrowboat In 2017

  1. Love this outlook on life … no wonder alternative paths are becoming more popular! Good for you and now you’re on a new venture … why not … you only get one life! Hats off to you both! Xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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