14 Things You’ll Relate To If You’ve Travelled India

If you arrive in India and don’t get a cultural shock, then chances are you’re probably Indian. So after travelling the majority of the country and adapting to Indian life over the past 2 months we’ve come up with a few stand out happenings that we’re sure all travellers can relate to…

  1. You’ll need an industrial chainsaw just to open a packet of crisps.
  2. Most of your evenings will be spent analysing the costs of food, but the conclusion is always the same…the whole menu is cheaper than a coffee back home.
  3. Beady eyes will hit you as soon as you enter the streets. In fact, if you’re a woman with blonde hair…beady eyes just hit you non stop. They don’t mind a stare in India!
  4. Bartering with the tuk tuk man is a must win to save 20 rupees, but you won’t think twice about spending 150 on a chocolate bar or a beer.
  5. Your pockets will be full of empty sweet wrappers in an attempt to save the environment, whilst your feet trample through piles of litter. #EveryLittleHelps
  6. Before a lengthy bus journey you get that mad rush and buy the local shop out of every flavour of Lays crisps and Good Day biscuits they have in stock.
  7. The women to men ratio becomes a normality and you forget you’re a part of the world’s largest sausage fest.
  8. You come to terms with the fact you’ll never know whether people are saying yes or no, so just find yourself smiling and nodding anyway.
  9. You’ll psych yourself up so much, worrying about what the ‘deluxe’ bus is going to look like, only to realise you’ve been mis-sold a 14 hour government sweatbox.
  10. Washing your clothes by hand is an easy task just so that you don’t have to pay 300 rupees for the lady next door to do it.
  11. Are you going to be able to sleep on your SLEEPER train or will you have a family taking up all of your seats?…the anticipation will kill you!
  12. It’s never a surprise when the rickshaw drivers don’t even know the landmarks in their own city…it’s quicker to walk.
  13. You become accustomed to the wifi being so poor that it would be faster to send a carrier pigeon home than to FaceTime mum.

    And finally we’ve all been there…

  14. Stopping in the middle of the night for a toilet break at the back of some random complex, half way through your 16 hour bus journey. Walking though the front of the restaurant, into the kitchen, out through two hallways and up some narrow metals stairs attached to the side of the house, before finally reaching the bathroom! But just before you get to plonk your botty on that stinking, germ riddled seat, which by this point is actually heaven when you’re squirming with a full bladder, you do one more hallway, walking past 5 bedrooms, where the 8 people in each one of them stare at you. Oh, and it’s then that you realise you forgot the toilet roll!!

How many points could you relate to? And did we miss any major ones off the list? Let us know in the comments below…

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