Our Top Tips For Travelling As A Couple

When we meet new people on our travels we often get asked what it’s like to adventure as a twosome. So here’s the truth about our personal experiences and how we manage convoying as a couple…

Be open minded and easy going.

They say if you can travel together you can make it through anything. Well the key to this is being laid back. Visiting extraordinary countries and seeing unusual sights is never something you can fully prepare yourselves for so there’s always going to be tricky times. Travelling as a couple is not for everyone so one very important rule we stick by is to be open minded and always expect the unexpected, that way you’ll never be disappointed.

Also, you have to understand that you’re going to be with each other 24/7, much more than any normal couple. So to be easy going is crucial to successful travel.

Take equal responsibility.

So if you’ve made it overseas on a round the world adventure you probably feel like a real team right? Don’t leave it all up to one person to get the map out, make sure the bags are packed or plan the next few days itinerary. One of us will often say, “right I’m going to do this, can you do that?” In a way that says let’s work together to get this done. Over time it becomes second nature that if Lauren’s packing the day bag Charlie’s planning the route we’re taking.

Know each other’s limits.

This may come in where you’re deciding on activities, like a skydive or maybe diving to the bottom of the ocean. For example Charlie jumps at the chance of falling from the sky with either a bungee or parachute attached to him, whereas Lauren would rather have her feet firmly on the ground. Over time, you’ll come to know each others limits and whether they just need a little encouragement or whether you’re asking them to do something they really wouldn’t enjoy.

Take into consideration each others moods.

You’re not going to be on your A-game 100% of the time. Some days she’s going to be hormonal, other days he will be pissed that his football team lost. Whatever the reason for the down mood don’t let it cause an argument over something that couldn’t have been avoided.

Whether it’s the aftermath of a shitty bus journey or the stress of finding your accommodation, you’re both probably going to get tired and aggy from time to time. We’ve learnt when to give each other a little space or pull out that one trick that you KNOW will make the other laugh!

We always try to remember we’re on each other’s side and if it means skipping the day’s activities in order to hit them in a better frame of mind tomorrow then we do. Be constructive, make a plan and help the other through it.

Take time alone away from friends (but not too much).

Let’s be honest one of the best parts of travelling is sharing experiences with the random people you meet. Making new friends is awesome but don’t forget who you came travelling with. It’s important to find a balance so that you still spend that quality time together. Living the best of both worlds is fun if you get it right…On the other hand, don’t take it too far and be that isolated, unapproachable couple! No one wants to hang out with them.

Treat yourself from time to time.

Speaking of quality time… every traveller wants to scrimp and save but don’t forget to treat yourself just as you would back home. We get that you’re on a travel budget but that doesn’t mean you can’t afford to have a romantic meal or a foot spa once in a while. We’ve had the odd night where we’ve put the budget to one side and splashed out on a gourmet meal. A good old fashion bit of quality time at a nice restaurant or a little retail therapy will keep you solid.

Sleep as close to each other as possible.

Do we ever stay in dorms? Hell yeah we stay in dorms. It’s one of the best parts of travelling. But although you’re in a room full of 8, sometimes 12, friends that doesn’t mean YOU should turn into friends. There’s no harm in having a hug before bed or watching a movie in the same bunk. Hey who knows the rest of the dorm might wanna get involved in the movie nights!

And rule 101 of travelling…HAVE FUN!

Whether alone or in a couple. It may sound obvious but sometimes when on the road you can get carried away with planning, working out next stops and stressing over money. That’s even without a full time blog to keep on top of! So if ever we find ourselves in any of these situations we step back and take a reality check – ‘don’t take life too seriously.’

Keep it simple. You’ve probably worked super hard or saved for a decent amount of time to get wherever you are in the world right now…so have fun and enjoy it!


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