Our Top 5 Things To Do In Mirissa

In the last few years Mirissa has emerged as the ‘go to’ place on the south coast of Sri Lanka, and with its beautiful palm tree covered beach and laid back atmosphere it’s easy to see why…

1. Beach, Beach & More Beach

It’s a no brainer that if you’re heading to the south coast then you’re going to be on the lookout for hammocks and coconut filled beaches. So top of the to do list has to be Mirissa beach. With its 3 separate bays and some cool rock points in-between (Parrot Rock especially) chances are you’ll be spending most of your time here!


2. Palm Tree Dome

Head to the beach and walk as far left as possible! After a couple of bays you’ll come to palm tree dome. We don’t know the actual name of this place, or if it even has a name, but you may have seen it in some of the picturesque photos that pop up of Sri Lanka. There’s a large dirt mound that leads to a unique viewpoint of Mirissa, from where you can chill and catch rays or enjoy a well deserved coconut.


3. Dewmini Roti Shop

This hidden gem was found by travellers not so long ago and by the power of word of mouth soon shot to #1 Place To Eat on Tripadvisor. Run like many roti shops in Sri Lanka – out the back of a family home, it’s adapted to its popular demands by serving up some amazing avocado & cheese rotis and all sorts of other unique fillings compared to the average roti shop. One piece of advice…be sure to save room for the Banoffee roti for desert!!

4. Secret Beach

Not so secret anymore but still an awesome spot to hike to. As the name suggests it’s out the back of beyond and is the perfect place to get away from the crowds or go for a beer come sunset.

5. Day Trip To Weligama

The one thing lacking in Mirissa is the surf. So if surfing’s your game we recommend you hop on a scooter and cruise 15 minutes minutes down the coast to Weligama. Famous for its surfing spots it’s worth a trip, even if you just chill on the beach for the day and watch the pros.


If you do make it Weligama, be sure to pop in and say hi to the guys at Ceylon Sliders. They serve up the most delicious healthy breakfasts and shakes at affordable prices!


Where To Eat

Dewmini Roti Shop – As mentioned earlier, if you don’t visit this place we’ll be very disappointed in you!

Kama – For a beautiful spot on the beach front and one of the most popular places in town, its ambience and food is flawless!

Where To Stay

JJ’s Hostel – For a boutique, clean accomodation and guesthouse look no further! Specially designed for travellers with a focus on comfort and a little bit of luxury where it matters, JJ has nailed meeting travellers needs with this upmarket hostel.

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