About Us

What’s up guys, and thanks for passing by!

We’re Charlie & Lauren, a free spirited couple originally from the UK.

This is our little corner of the internet where we get to share our adventures with you on a personal level and hopefully inspire you to do the same… so if you’re new to the journey, then welcome aboard!


After growing up in a small town, we soon came to realise that we were not made to stay in one place, we were made to wander! So now, we combine our sense of humour, love of travel and passion for life to explore the world.

As well as making cool videos and taking sweet photos, we also try to educate ourselves and learn from the different cultures and people we meet along the way – so don’t get it twisted guys, it’s not all sunsets and waterfalls!

We’re a small team with big dreams on a constant pursuit of happiness, so keep on following the journey and who knows, hopefully we’ll catch you out there on the road someday.

Peace & love,
Charlie & Lauren x


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