Best Bali Instagram Spots – The Ultimate Guide

Best Bali Instagram Spots – The Ultimate Guide

A social media fanatics guide to all of the best Bali Instagram spots to help you capture those famous shots. From the hipster food cafes of Canggu to the iconic rice fields of Ubud, here we go.

The Best Bali Instagram Spots – Our Ultimate Guide

Handara Golf & Resort Bali Gates

One of the most famous travel photos on the internet happens to be outside the gates of a golf course! This tall pointy entrance point makes for a beautiful ‘typical’ Bali backdrop and has been the focal point of many Instagrammers over the past few years.

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Tegalalang Rice Terraces

The most popular Rice Terraces in Bali. You can upload this one with no tags and people will definitely know where in the world you are! Another of the most popular Bali instagram spots on the island.

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Kelingking Beach Nusa Penida

T-Rex Island, The Dinosaur Head, whatever you want to refer to it as, it has to be one of the most magical places in Bali. Located over on Nusa Penida Island this walk down to Kelinking Beach makes for the perfect Bali photo.

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Pura Lempuyang Temple

Pura Lempuyang Temple, also referred to as Pura Lempuyang Luhur or the Bali Gateway To Heaven, is one of the oldest and most sacred temples on the island. More famous now though for it’s temple shot above the clouds.

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Tirta Gangga Water Palace

Tirta Gangga is a former royal palace that’s now been turned into a beautiful open garden for locals and tourists to visit. If you’re looking for the insta famous fish photo this is your spot!

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Wanagiri Hidden Hills Bali Swing

So there’s a hugely famous Bali swing located around the Ubud area, although the Air BnB hosts have slapped a $35 charge on it for a day trip. Which sent us in search of Wanagiri Hidden Hills, this beautiful spot that we managed to get creative in and happens to be our most liked Bali Instagram spot ever! Not bad for 40,000 Rupiah (around $2).

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Wanagiri Hidden Hills Lookout

In the same area as the Bali swing is this beautiful Wanagiri Hidden Hills lookout point. The bamboo has been built in the shape of a vessel overlooking Lake Buyan.

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Mount Agung Viewpoint

We arrived just after the 2017 volcano erupted and were unsure we’d get a clear view of Mount Agung.

But on a  trip out east we managed to find this sunrise viewpoint and it’s since become quite a popular spot on the ‘gram.

Click HERE for our full Mount Agung Sunrise Viewpoint blog.

Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary Ubud

If you go to Bali you HAVE to get a selfie with a monkey on your shoulder. We challenge you to beat our three tier monkey photo!

Mount Batur

For the hikers and early risers. This sunrise point was well worth getting up at 2am for and the photo doesn’t even do it justice!

Mad Pops

The only place to eat ice cream in Seminyak! This popular spot has recently launched a second branch in Canggu so look out for more neon lighting and Instagram fame.

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The Loft

One of the most photographed walls in Bali. This pink mural in Canggu has become insta-famous for its likeable slogan and the food at The Loft isn’t too bad either.

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Abandoned Plane

This hidden gem down in the Bukit Peninsula has become a bit of a photographers treasure. With not too many people having captured the shot from the top of the hill, the abandoned plane has become an Instagram gem.

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Sea Circus

Another foodie spot, this time in Seminyak. Sea Circus delivers not only delicious, healthy food but colourful wall art upon entry. Make sure to grab a smoothie on the way out.

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Love Bali Sign

We can never believe the power of social media, that something as simple as a metal sign could ever go so viral. But here it lays amongst the famous Tegalalang Rice Terraces. So if you’re heading that way, you have to stop by. It’s 5,000 IDR for one person!

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Campuhan Ridge Walk

Our favourite place to take a beautiful stroll along the brick paved path is Campuhan Ridge Walk. It’s windy walk way has stood out to lovers of photography and now made it up there as one of the top Bali Instagram spots.

Click HERE for our full Campuhan Ridge Walk Ubud – A Free & Easy Trek blog.

Tegal Wangi Beach – Sunset Cave

It was a beautiful experience to watch the sun go down whilst sitting inside the hidden cave at Tegal Wangi Beach. There is something truly special about this secret gem!

Click HERE for our full Tegal Wangi Beach Bali & It’s Natural Jacuzzi’s blog.

Old Man’s

The hippest place in Canggu, especially on a Wednesday night. Swing by for a drink or get involved in the beer pong nights but don’t forget to get that snap for the gram.

Click HERE for our guide to Old Mans Market In Canggu

Gili T Swing

Possibly one of the most famous swings in Indonesia. This sunset spot is actually located over on Gili Trawangan, part of Lombok, but is definitely worth the trip for the beautiful waters and photo opportunities.

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Balangan Beach Viewpoint

From the Balangan Beach Viewpoint (also known as sunset point), you can take in the most stunning views of the ocean crashing in the evening. All whilst watching the sun tuck behind the horizon.

Click HERE for our full Balangan Beach Bali – An Incredible Sunset In Bali blog.

Bingin Beach

A popular spot for two reasons. Surf, and the huge rock with the tiny tree on top. Here it is in all its Bali Instagram spots glory.

Graffiti Vessel

Down on the south coast, this authentic beauty lays stranded on the beach. Many talented artists have marked their creativity and made the vessel itself a popular tourist attraction on Nyang Nyang Beach.

Click HERE for our full Nyang Nyang Beach blog.

Jatiluwih Rice Terraces

Not as famous as Tegalalang rice terraces, but definitely just as beautiful! Jatiluwih Rice Terraces up north near Lovina is an explorers dream.

Click HERE for our full Jatiluwih Rice Terrace Bali blog.

Karang Boma Cliff Uluwatu

A bit of a dangerous one so we wouldn’t advise it if you’re scared of heights. Although Karang Boma Cliff makes for an awesome distant shot of the natural cliff edges that contain Bali.

Click HERE for our full Karang Boma Cliff – Uluwatu Cliff Spot Bali guide.

Uluwatu Cave

If you catch this hidden gem at low tide, it’s definitely worthy of not only a stunning photo but a couple of hours down time to chill.

Git Git Waterfall

A must visit in the north. Git Git Waterfall is the perfect place to cool down after walking around in the Balinese humidity.

Click HERE for our full Git Git Waterfall blog.

Nalu Bowls

THE KING OF SMOOTHIE BOWLS. With branches now open in Canggu, this original location in Seminyak became quite the photo for the typical Bali Instagram spots tick.

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