Benidorm Watersports – Which Ones Are A MUST?

Benidorm Watersports – Which Ones Are A MUST?

There are many Benidorm Watersports you can take part in whilst on vacation, so we’ve narrowed down our top 5 favourites. Here’s all you need to know.

Benidorm Watersports – Which Ones Are A MUST?


Out of all the things to do in Benidorm, renting jet skis will probably be the activity where you’ll laugh the most. You might even be smiling for the rest of the day like we were. Out of all the Benidorm Watersports available, jet skiing is a MUST!!!

After getting the hang of it straight away, we rode along behind the instructor crashing down on the waves.

They’ll take you to the other side of the island, past Levante Beach, where you can get a glimpse of the cliff edges that are connected to the national park. With breathtaking views and crystal blue sea we couldn’t help but fall in love with Benidorm.

For our jet ski morning we used Carlos Watersports Benidorm!

Benidorm Watersports Benidorm Water Sports Jet Ski Benidorm Things To Do In Benidorm

The best out of all the Benidorm watersports


We are not going to lie, cable skiing was pretty tricky to grasp but it’s definitely worth a go.

If you’re a master of balance with good concentration, you’re made for this sport.

At the same spot, towards the end of Levante Beach, they also do wake boarding and kite surfing. So you’ll never run out of things to do, especially when it comes to Benidorm watersports!

There only one place for Cable skiing in Benidorm and that’s Cable Ski Benidorm!

Benidorm Watersports Benidorm Water Sports Cable Ski Benidorm Things To Do In Benidorm

Taking Benidorm watersports to the next level


Diving and snorkelling are definitely the most popular Benidorm watersports.

Many people have a wonderful experience diving here because of the perfect climate of the Mediterranean Sea. Not only that, the crystal clear water allows visibility for a fair few stretch of metres.

Not only that, but you can enjoy some of the most colourful underwater wildlife in Europe, taking you to another world.

Their main dive sites are situated only 5 minutes away from the Benidorm harbour.

For our diving and snorkelling experience we used Diving Stones!

Benidorm Watersports Benidorm Water Sports Diving in Benidorm Things To Do In Benidorm

Diving has to also be one of your top Benidorm watersports


The sunrise kayak tour was a real magical experience, and another of our favourite Benidorm watersports.

It was refreshing to be a few of the only ones awake amongst the pure silence of the crazy city that Benidorm can be. We paddled out to a spot to watch the sun come up and it was bliss.

If you prefer a quiet sunrise to a busy sunset, then we highly recommend trying the sunrise kayak tour whilst you’re in Benidorm.

For all your kayaking needs we can highly recommend Captain Kayak!

Benidorm Watersports Benidorm Water Sports Sunrise Kayak Tour Things To Do In Benidorm

And last but not least, all Benidorm watersports don’t have to be crazy and hectic – take a simple sunrise kayak tour


Luxury – Hotel Boutique Villa Venecia – As luxurious as it gets, this boutique hotel is centrally located and looks out onto the stunning coastline of Benidorm. With superb reviews and ocean view rooms, it’s perfect a really special vacation.

Mid-Budget – Sol Costablanca – We stayed at Sol Costablanca for 4 nights and it was ideal. It’s right in the centre of Levante Beach and we couldn’t fault the service or the delicious food.

Budget – Apartment Mirador Benidorm – If you’re looking for a cheaper getaway, this place has it all for a fraction of the typical Benidorm prices.

For more places to stay in Benidorm you can check the latest prices here.


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