Bohol Tourist Spots – 6 Best Things To Do In Bohol

Bohol Tourist Spots – 6 Best Things To Do In Bohol

Famous for its many white beaches in Panglao, and of course the Chocolate Hills, here’s all you need to know for the best Bohol tourist spots.

Bohol Tourist Spots – 6 Best Things To Do In Bohol

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Tarsier Conservation Area
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Bohol Waterfalls – Ingkumhan Falls to Twin Falls

From Ingkumhan Falls to Twin Falls and Mag-Aso, the island is full of awesome waterfalls.

The best thing to do in Bohol is to head along the south coast and explore them all!

Not sure if you can call them Bohol tourist spots, but the Bohol waterfalls were definitely our favourite things to do.

Click here for our full Bohol Waterfalls That You Must Visit blog and where to find them!

Wanderers & Warriors - Bohol Tourist Spots & Things To Do In Bohol - Twin Falls Philippines

Twin Falls – one of our favourite Bohol tourist spots

Beaches In Bohol – Explore Panglao

Now these are definitely Bohol tourist spots!

So over the bridge to the south of Bohol is a beach filled island called Panglao.

If you have a moped you can easily cruise around Panglao and check out some of the best Beaches in Bohol.

Our favourite beaches were Dumaluan BeachAlona Beach and if you can get a boat over to Balicasag it’s a great opportunity to snorkel with wild turtles.

Wanderers & Warriors - Charlie & Lauren UK Travel Couple - Bohol Tourist Spots In Bohol & Things To Do Panglao Best Beaches

Lauren taking a dip at Alona Beach in Panglao

Rent A Scooter & Explore

We paid 350 Pesos per day and it’s the easiest way to get around the island. Not only that but you are going to want to explore. Bohol is not an island where the basic touristic points are labelled. It’s more of a hidden gem kinda feel so take a trip around and ask the locals where the best spots are.

Chocolate Hills In Bohol

Ohhh the Chocolate Hills in Bohol, we were so underwhelmed by them.

If you head to the main entrance you pay 50 Pesos to visit the platform and grab your postcard shot. That’s if you can fight through the tourists all trying to do the same thing. We are a sucker for saying ‘we’re only here once, we might as well visit’ although the Chocolate Hills was one of our least favourite spots on the island.

Wanderers & Warriors - Bohol Tourist Spots In Bohol & Things To Do - Chocolate Hills in Bohol Philippines

The Chocolate Hills – The most famous of the Bohol tourist spots

Tarsier Conservation Area

This was actually one of the main things to do in Bohol that stood out to us before arriving, although after reading a few bad reviews online we decided against it. So in terms of recommendations we can’t really give you much but it still stands as one of the main tourist things to do in Bohol and you’ll see keyrings and plush toys with the cute little primates everywhere.


Need we say anymore, not only did the name give us great first impressions, but the vegan burger/smoothie bowl cafe is a healthy eaters dream.

Think of it as a little piece of Bali within the Philippines.

Where To Stay In Bohol

Tagbilaran Hotels – Check out the hotels in Tagbilaran as a good base to be central for exploring. Just a short walk from the ferry terminal if you can get a cheap bike this is a perfect place to explore the island from.

Panglao Beach Resorts – The main beach destination of Bohol and home to all the beautiful beaches. It may be a little more expensive but if you’re aiming for the beaches this is where to stay in Bohol.

You can also check out the prices of other places to stay in Bohol here.

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