Bucket List

Welcome to our long list of dreams…

It changes from day to day and our main goal is to continue travelling the world until we die. But here are a few of the ticks we’d like to collect along the way.

Climb Ayres Rock  
Complete a marathon
Convert a camper van
Cuddle a koala  √
Bungee jump  √
Skydive  √
Route 66 in a soft top
Experience a hot air balloon ride
Feed an elephant  √
Float in the Dead Sea
Fly in a helicopter  √
Full Moon Party – Koh Phangan  √
Eiffel Tower  √
NYC – Grand Central Station, Empire State Building & Times Square
Learn a second language
New Years Eve in Sydney  √
Niagara Falls
Northern Lights
Relax in a natural hot spring
Release baby turtles into the ocean
Scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef  √
Send a letter to a random address
Swim in Marina Bay Sands Pool
Spend christmas day on the beach  √
Swim with dolphins  √
Swim with turtles  √
Holi Festival
Vietnam on motorbikes
Visit all 7 wonders of the world
Sydney Opera House  √
Taj Mahal  √
Volunteer at an orphanage  √
Great Wall of China

Feel like the happiest person in the world  √

Please share any stories that you may have from our list and we’d also love to hear what you have on yours.

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