India Beginners – First Time India Travel Tips

India Beginners – First Time India Travel Tips

We completed everything we wanted to and more in India, and along the way we received many messages from people asking for advice. So for the India beginners, we’ve put together some first time India travel tips.

First Time India Travel Tips For Beginners

Go With An Open Mind

It’s important to be open minded when travelling India. Also, just like we did, before you go, get a heads up with some first time India travel tips. Within the first 48 hours alone we saw cows, elephants and camels crossing the streets with humans.

India is a country, that as we’re sure you’re aware, is like no other. The expectations you’ll have developed from TV shows and stories you’ve heard are EXACTLY what you will get. So for India Beginners – be ready!

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Book Transport In Advance

One thing we picked up on a few stops into our trip was to pre-arrange our onward travel. We got stuck a couple of times having to extend our stay in places due to transport being fully booked. Trains especially, people tend to book way in advance because they fill up pretty quickly. There are ways to get on a cancellation list or you can turn up early in the morning on the day you plan to travel and hope for a ‘no show’.

Just a heads up, the buses may not always arrive on time. If you ask for directions from someone who doesn’t know the place you’re talking about then they’ll direct you anyway. So just be sure to ask a few people until you’re confident with the answer.

Wanderers & Warriors - 4 On A Moped In India - First Time India Travel Tips For India Beginners

As India beginners you will find this unbelievably crazy at first

Eat Where The Locals Eat

If you fancy something typically Indian then head where the locals are. Families and groups of friends are always a sign that a restaurant serves good grub. Common sense says that if the restaurant is busy and the turnover of customers is fast- moving then the food is going to be fresher. When we followed this advice, we were never disappointed. India has THE most delicious cuisine.

Always Check The Prices Before You Pay

Find out how much things SHOULD be before you even try to barter with anyone. You’ll look back in a month and kick yourself for paying more than you should have for that tuk tuk. See our ‘How to avoid scams when travelling’ blog here.

Prepare To Be Stared At

This is never going to stop and it can sometimes be very uncomfortable, especially if your bed is opposite a creepy man on the train. For those females who travel alone, we’re sure it must be intimidating because there is no one to turn to. So we’d recommend trying to grab a travel buddy to save you from those uncomfortable situations.

Wanderers & Warriors - Stares In India - First Time India Travel Tips For India Beginners

Prepare to be stared at. For India beginners this might be uncomfortable, but just do your thing

What To Pack

If it’s only india you’re visiting then a bikini isn’t really worth packing. Unless of course, you want to wear one underneath something. It’s obviously a very religious country so as a sign of respect, it’s important to cover up and not stick out like a sore thumb.

It’s handy to take a scarf to cover your shoulders with and if you have dresses, wear them with leggings. Also, you’ll need at least one pair of long pants for visiting temples, men and women.

Hand Sanitiser Is A Must! This can be a life saver and makes you feel that little bit more hygienic before tucking into dinner. There are normally hand washing facilities wherever you eat but it’s handy to have the little bottle of potion just in case, especially if you’re going indian style, eating with your hands. You’ll see hand sanitiser in all the first time India travel tips but you’ll be thankful for sure.

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Plan A Rough Route

Pick a rough route… India, as you know is a HUGE place and the minimum time it takes to get to the next stop is around 8 hours. So, if you’re planning to visit a lot of place, one of the first time India travel tips is to have a rough route planned. If you meet people along the way, you can add places in, just like we did. As you’re travelling India, there’s so much to do and see, so it’s way less stressful if your next destination is already organised.

We’ve put together a Backpacking India Itinerary & Route that should help with any of your pre trip planning, especially for India beginners.

Bear With It, It Will Be Worth It

One of the main first time india travel tips – when you first arrive in India, you’ll sometimes find yourself thinking ‘what the hell am I doing here’. But once you start adapting to the culture, we promise it’s worth it. You may read many things online to say that India tests you and plays with your emotions and yes, it definitely does. Although we have definitely come away feeling full of gratitude.

Over time, you will become more confident and things you found absolutely bonkers in the first couple of weeks will just become a part of your daily lifestyle.

India is crazy, beautiful, eye-opening and exasperating all in one, and a place that everyone should visit at some point in their lifetime.

Wanderers & Warriors -Charlie & Lauren UK Travel Couple - Cows In The Streets In India - First Time India Travel Tips For India Beginners

Part of the first time India travel tips, watch out for the cows in the streets

Where To Stay In India

To check the prices of accommodation in India or book hotels in advance you can check the latest prices here.

More India

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